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" I do enjoy the life to its fullest extent", Tolkyn Zabirova says about herself. This singer had to work hardly quite a lot before she got known and favorite among various talent-admirers. All the stages of music studying - from the musical hostel for the gifted children up to post-graduation of the Conservatory named after Kurmangazy - she had passed successfully. Thus, having an experience of signing fineness and its touches, young Tolkyn came to professional stage Today she is known for her high professionalism, vocal techniques and signing standards.
As a participant and a laureate of different international contests, Tolkyn gives many performances on tours. In every part of Kazakstan people are very anxious for her performances. "Three-in-one" is the principal this singer usually prefers for her concerts, and in particular it is the music of classic, folk or popular styles, and each person can find something very dear and lovely for soul and heart in her special performing.
And when annoying journalists try to meddle her with the "backstage questions", Tolkyn's answer follows as: "My whole life is in my songs"
Now you hold the third album - the classical collection - of signer Tolkyn Zabirova.

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